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Multi-Site Trials: Streamlining Operations with eRegulatory & Document Management

Posted by Abbie Hosta on May 10, 2017 3:57:07 PM

Growth is good. Growth is healthy. But clinical research sites that rely on paper-based systems or even shared drives will quickly find that growth, particularly as it relates to managing multiple locations, can dramatically increase aspirin consumption in order to counteract headaches of truly historic proportions.

Sites that still rely on paper must manually route documents, either physically or by email, across a spiderweb of locations in an effort to collect physician signatures or to get people to sign off on reviews. That process can leave a cluttered trail of redundant documents and duplicate files, which only increases the possibility that something will go wrong, and turns that dream of increased visibility into document tracking and task assignment into a nightmare of wasted time and money.

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Topics: eRegulatory, Paperless Clinical Trials, Document Management, Multi-Site Trials

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