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Complion to Participate in 9th Annual AACI Clinical Research Initiative Meeting

Posted by Complion on Jul 7, 2017 10:26:27 AM

Complion, the industry-leading regulatory and document management platform for clinical research sites, will be speaking and exhibiting at the 9th Annual AACI Clinical Research Initiative Meeting from July 12-13, 2017.

Complion Founder and CEO, Rick Arlow, will be conducting a vendor presentation on Thursday, July 13, entitled, Going Paperless: Managing Regulatory & Clinical Trial Documents in Complion. Mr. Arlow will discuss best practices for managing regulatory and clinical trial documentation in cancer centers. In particular, he will explore document and information management from a research enterprise perspective, defining how systems and teams can (and should) function together to centralize information and drive performance.

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How a Texas Cardiovascular Research Department Reached New Levels of Efficiency

Posted by Abbie Hosta on Jul 5, 2017 4:38:38 PM

It’s an increasingly common occurrence at clinical research sites, that moment of realization that the organization is choking on paper. A blizzard of documents and a mountain of bulging folders crushing efficiency and slowing processes to the point that a fleeting thought about a splash of lighter fluid and a well-placed match might pass through the mind of a harried site executive.

Cooler heads prevail, of course, and far less incendiary solutions are readily available.

Complion has been such a solution for a great many research sites, including South Texas Cardiovascular Consultants (STCC), a research hospital that serves patients in four locations throughout Texas.

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A Partner in 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Posted by Abbie Hosta on Jun 12, 2017 10:59:35 AM

How the right partner can smooth the path to a fully compliant regulatory and document management system

Efforts to transition to a streamlined paperless operation are unquestionably worthwhile. But the characteristic increases in efficiency are of little value if the transformed organization falls short of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. That is why it is critically important that every step on the path to the paperless transformation is guided by professionals who are deeply, intimately familiar with the requirements for compliance.

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Taming the Email Beast with eRegulatory

Posted by Abbie Hosta on May 21, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Real-world examples of how a clinical research sites are turning to eRegulatory  to manage email correspondenc and run more efficiently.

Despite your best efforts to keep your email inbox clear, it can easily become overstuffed as your day to day correspondence pours in. That’s a problem. But that problem takes on massive significance when that email correspondence is part of the documentation in a clinical trial and subject to FDA regulations with specific requirements for how that correspondence is organized and managed. Printing and filing hard copies of email correspondence only exacerbates the problem.

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Complion to Speak at 2017 MAGI East Conference

Posted by Abbie Hosta on May 15, 2017 8:29:53 AM

Untitled design-456548-edited.pngComplion VP of Professional Services, Cristina Ferrazzano Yaussy MPH, CCRP, along with Stephanie Berger, Salima Dhanji, MPH, and Angelo Termine, BS, MSM, MBA, CCRC/A, CRCP, will be presenting Part 2 of the Master Class workshop series entitled, Site Management Innovation on Sunday, May 21, 2017 at the MAGI Clinical Research Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

During this session, the panel will present their perspective innovative ideas to address long-standing and emerging challenges, and work together to identify and develop best practices in three areas: leveraging metrics to drive performance, innovative site management structures & practices, and information management systems.

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Multi-Site Trials: Streamlining Operations with eRegulatory & Document Management

Posted by Abbie Hosta on May 10, 2017 3:57:07 PM

Growth is good. Growth is healthy. But clinical research sites that rely on paper-based systems or even shared drives will quickly find that growth, particularly as it relates to managing multiple locations, can dramatically increase aspirin consumption in order to counteract headaches of truly historic proportions.

Sites that still rely on paper must manually route documents, either physically or by email, across a spiderweb of locations in an effort to collect physician signatures or to get people to sign off on reviews. That process can leave a cluttered trail of redundant documents and duplicate files, which only increases the possibility that something will go wrong, and turns that dream of increased visibility into document tracking and task assignment into a nightmare of wasted time and money.

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Complion to Exhibit at AAHRPP Annual Conference

Posted by Complion on May 9, 2017 9:37:21 AM


Complion will be exhibiting at the 2017 AAHRPP Annual Conference in Detroit Michigan from May 10th - 11th. Our team will be at booth 112 to connect with the research community and share knowledge.

Complion's 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform helps accredited and non-accredited sites, hospitals, health systems, cancer centers and academic medical centers save time and focus on medical advancements while maintaining safety and compliance.

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The Future of Clinical Research: Single-Drug Studies

Posted by Lisa Bozza Archer on May 3, 2017 11:45:16 AM

This is the final post in a series based on the Complion webinar,  The Future of the Clinical Research Industry, as presented by John Neal, CEO of PCRS Network. In that webinar, John explores a variety of factors that are driving the evolution of clinical research. This post looks at another of John Neal’s predictions.

Because sponsors are increasingly seeking efficiencies, and all stakeholders have an interest in minimizing the time required of, and the potential risk to, volunteers who participate in studies, there will be a decrease in the number of single drug studies in the future. [1]
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